Postgraduate Conference

This is the website of the  UK and Ireland Postgraduate Bioethics Conference Series.

Previous conferences have been held at Queen’s University Belfast (2009), the University of Birmingham (2006), the  Cambridge University(2007) and the University of Manchester (2008).

We are pleased to announce the programme (.pdf) for the postgraduate bioethics conference ‘Social Scientific Approaches to Bioethics’ sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness, Cesagen, Wiley-Blackwell, and QUB.

There are a limited number of ‘audience only’ places available for postgraduate scholars in bioethics. These can be reserved on a first come first served basis by emailing us with your names, institution, course of study/ PhD working title.

We have one place left in the Sociology and Contemporary History masterclasses which will be allocated on request and suitability.

Guest speakers:

Prof Søren Holm (Manchester); Prof Alan Cribb (CBAS, KCL); Leigh Turner (University of Minnesota); Dr Alexandra Plows (Bangor) and Dr Duncan Wilson (CHSTM, Manchester).


Dr Mairi Levitt (Lancaster); Prof Robert Dingwall; Dr Mikey Dunn (Ethox, Oxford) Dr Caragh Brosnan (CBAS KCL); Jacob Leveridge (Wellcome Trust)

The postgraduate presentations are organised into panels themed:

Theoretical Approaches (1&2)

Bioethics (1&2)

The Experience of Ethics in Practice

Research Ethics (1&2)

Stem Cells and Genes